Upper-Body Training Belts
Upper-Body Training Belts
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Upper-Body Training Belts

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Why get our bands? 

☑️ GIVES YOU A FANTASTIC LOOK - Your upper & lower body muscles becomes firm.  You get a sexy physique by increasing the size and strength of your muscles.
☑️ ONLY 10 MINUTES EVERYDAY - Only a few minutes workout session everyday will completly change your body.
☑️ GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT - The adjustable tension range is perfect for getting the results that you want, whether you are looking to build body mass, tone your muscles or burn body fat.


Stack Up Bands To Your Level

☑️ The bands can be stacked together and produce up to 100 LBS of weight by clipping more than one band to the handle.




Upper Body Workout

–Standing Rows –
Anchor your resistance band in the door way and stand facing that direction, a handle in each hand.  Keeping your arms in close to your sides, pull backwards & then move back to the starting position to complete one rep.

– Chest Presses –

Turn away from the point that you are anchored, and this time complete a chest press.


– Bicep Curls –

Stay standing on the rope, and this time straighten and flex at the elbow to complete bicep curls, making sure to keep your elbows pinned at your sides.

 – Tricep Extensions –

Step over, on, and through the tubing in order to end up standing on the tubing with one foot and over it with the other. Extend on arm overhead and complete a tricep extension.


Included in the KIT

2 x Soft Foam Handles 
2 x Ankle Straps
1 x Door Anchor
5 x Resistance Bands
1 x Carry Bag